Explore EXCEL’s specialized construction and maintenance expertise.

Oil and Gas

EXCEL’s 40 years of specialized construction and maintenance experience has allowed us to deliver projects of all sizes for customers in the midstream and downstream oil and gas industry. EXCEL offers a full range of self-performed services to complete your project on time and safely. Whether a new terminal, pipeline, refinery, or facility expansion EXCEL has the experience, capability, and resources to execute your project. EXCEL’s construction and engineering professionals are ready to provide you with the technical solutions necessary to meet the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry.

Renewable Energy

EXCEL is dedicated and invested in the design and construction for more environmentally friendly energy solutions. EXCEL offers a full scope of services for the renewable energy market including the installment of solar, geothermal, biofuel, and biomass facilities. Our clean energy construction capabilities include:

  • Commercial scale solar
  • Utility scale solar
  • Utility scale energy storage
  • Geothermal
  • Biofuel
  • Biomass


EXCEL has experience serving a wide variety of chemical and petrochemical manufacturing facilities. Whether it is new construction, plant upgrades, turnarounds, maintenance services, material handling or chemical loading, EXCEL offers a one-stop solution for your project needs. Our ability to deliver your project safely and on schedule makes us a trusted contractor of choice for chemical and petrochemical plants across the nation.


EXCEL supports agricultural facilities throughout the United States, and has an extensive resume working with ammonia, nitrogen, phosphate, and potash manufacturers. EXCEL has experience providing the agricultural industry with projects of all sizes from concept to completion. We offer a one-stop project solution to achieve your objectives, from new construction, facility expansion, and maintenance services.

Data Center/Mission Critical

EXCEL understands that reliable up-time is critical for data center sustainability and we are here to guide you to the most cost-effective infrastructure solutions. Our expertise includes general construction, fabrication, and electrical & instrumentation services essential to delivering our clients a fully operational mission-critical project. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance functionality, reliability, and security to deliver upgrades, retrofits, and new data center facility construction. EXCEL provides turn-key service to all market segments including government, healthcare, education, and business-to-business services.


EXCEL delivers turn-key manufacturing solutions to semiconductor clientele across the United States. From concept development to startup commissioning services, we EXCEL at managing complex projects. From project initiation to operation, our leadership and manpower are focused on high quality delivery with an emphasis on cost, schedule, and execution control, while maintaining a safe work environment. EXCEL brings unwavering attention and adherence to your goals, schedule, and budget, maintaining our reputation as one of the safest and most talented workforces in the industry.


EXCEL has a reputation of delivering outstanding quality and safety to our partners in the mining industry. We offer full-range expertise from greensite start-up to the final reclamation; we can help you handle all mining-related activities including mine management, infrastructure, construction, and maintenance.


EXCEL provides turn-key solutions for land and marine terminals in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Our team of terminal construction experts offer a broad range of services including engineering, new construction, retrofits, marine loading, and maintenance. We pride ourselves on offering our clients cost-effective solutions to deliver your project on time and under budget.


EXCEL offers turn-key solutions to the Midstream energy sector for capital, rehabilitation, relocation and expansion projects. We provide engineering, procurement and construction, as well as design build EPC solutions for oil and gas pipelines, cryogenic gas processing plants, pump and compressor stations, treatment facilities, and metering stations. Services include:

  • Engineering
  • Pipeline construction
  • Maintenance
  • Roustabout services
  • Facility construction

Learn more about Midstream Solutions here.

Life Sciences – Pharmaceutical & Bio-Sciences

EXCEL’s specialized construction and maintenance experience has allowed us to deliver projects across all industry sectors and facility types. We are dedicated to the efficient design and construction of pharmaceutical and bioscience manufacturing facilities. Our leadership expertise and life sciences capabilities comprise of new construction, facility modification, and renovations while meeting the highest industry regulations and safety standards.

Power Generation

EXCEL recognizes the significant need of clean power solutions. Our project experience and expertise in power generation integrates into every stage of your project. From project initiation to operation, our leadership, workforce, and reputation provide high-quality delivery, emphasizing cost, schedule, and execution control while maintaining a safe work environment.

Pulp and Paper

EXCEL is a construction and maintenance service provider of turnkey, quality solutions for all project stages and sizes in the pulp and paper industry. We offer a full-range of expertise from greenfield start-ups, turnarounds, to facility maintenance. Our leadership, workforce, and reputation provide high-quality project delivery, cost-control, schedule attainment, and execution while maintaining a safe work environment.