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CF Industries Expansion Project | Donaldsonville, La

CF Industries contracted EXCEL to manage multiple scopes on the expansion of their Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex to make it the largest fertilizer plant in North America. This project presented numerous challenges throughout the construction sequence. Despite ever-evolving scope and obstacles to completion, through teamwork and exceptional management, EXCEL was able to help CF Industries meet their completion goals.

The project faced challenges with material delivery delays and missing materials. EXCEL performed an extensive audit of all materials, identified all missing items and ordered items to site to prevent delays. EXCEL then developed a plan to organize work more strategically, which minimized the cost of renting expensive equipment for longer than necessary and increased efficiency by doing more work in the lay-down yard.

EXCEL began working on the project as a subcontractor; through diligence and demonstrated leadership, CF Industries recognized EXCEL and asked us to take over as the General Contractor. We quickly mobilized more resources, conducted thorough audits, developed a comprehensive plan to manage inventory and logistics, and hired subcontractors to address necessary scopes. EXCEL’s Safety team developed a site plan and managed procedures for multiple contractors on-site. Our Quality team updated all contractors’ quality control procedures and impressed the client so much that CF Industries added the scopes of testing, restoration and commissioning to EXCEL.

Overall, EXCEL completed its portion of the $350 million project spanning multiple scopes on schedule and our exemplary safety management resulted in 1,930,000 work-hours without a recordable incident. We mobilized 800 employees in 19 months to ramp up production and managed 2,200 subcontractor personnel at peak.

The CF Industries project demonstrates EXCEL’s capability to manage multimillion dollar projects requiring rapid mobilization and meet aggressive schedules.