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Elba Island Liquefaction Project

The Elba Island LNG Project located in Savannah Georgia was a supreme undertaking. The Liquefaction project posed many challenges. It was located on an island; there were multiple contractors in congested work fronts; EXCEL took over another contractor’s scope. In lieu of these challenges, EXCEL’s efforts and collaborations exceeded the client’s expectations.  EXCEL’s assistance was requested in the fourth quarter of 2017, and EXCEL aggressively mobilized from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Savanah, Georgia, in a matter of days. EXCEL’s peak manpower reached 1,102 total direct and subcontracted employees which was more than half of the total sitewide manpower. Through EXCEL’s utilization of controls (both safety and production), the 12 month $130+ million project was prosperous.

  • 2018 ABC Pelican Excellence in Construction Merit Award