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Methanex Methanol Tank Project

EXCEL was contracted as a mechanical contractor by IMTT to install all civil/structural, pipe, and equipment associated with the Methanex Methanol Tank Project. The scope of the contract was to perform direct hire mechanical construction.

The complexity of this project was immense: tight timeline, atypical engineering, unavailability of a design team, confined/limited work area, trades stacked up sharing the same space, working around missing parts and pieces, mobilization and demobilization of areas, and more. When all of these types of issues that plague a mechanical contractor are combined, an already tight schedule compresses even further. Any one of these issues could have doomed this project.

With the positive attitude of the contractors and the owner, and the belief that failure was not an option, we not only found ways to make the schedule, all the contractors involved were fiscally successful. In addition, the project was completed without a recordable incident, with no quality issues, under budget and on time—a true statement of the quality and professionalism of all the contractors involved.