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North Carolina RebuildNC Hurricane Florence and Matthew Repair Programs

(FEMA Sheltering & Temporary Essential Power (STEP), State Emergency Repairs, and HUD CDBG-DR Permanent Repairs)
Owner: State of North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Beginning in early 2019, EXCEL was assigned to perform emergency home rehabilitation services for over 300 structures impacted by multiple disasters throughout the state of North Carolina. Utilizing strategic subcontract partners, EXCEL deployed dozens of crews to execute its assignments. The emergency repairs programs were phased into FEMA-funded and state-funded portions. Due to its positive Phase 1 performance, EXCEL was asked to stay for the second, state-funded portion of emergency repairs of the program. In each of these phases, EXCEL continuously worked alongside program stakeholders to align the work plan to the program’s evolving requirements.

EXCEL has and will continue utilizing a Project Execution Plan, as well as many sub-plans (including safety and quality, among others) to ensure production requirements are met. In addition, customized project software has been deployed to track project assignments, schedule, costs, overall production, complaints and warranty, among others. This software provides 24/7 access for all necessary stakeholders.

The next phase of the RebuildNC program is for HUD CDBG-DR-funded permanent home repairs across the state. As a prequalified contractor with knowledge and experience of the North Carolina landscape and damages due to our experience with Phases 1 and 2, EXCEL anticipates assignment of additional residential structures in the coming months.

Ultimately, EXCEL has effectively balanced its goals of safety, quality and homeowner satisfaction alongside programmatic requirements to meet production in order to successfully deliver assigned repairs. We will continue to balance these goals and requirements throughout project execution of the final phases and into closeout.

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