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Limetree Bay Terminal Restoration and Restart

The scope of services for EXCEL/SUN was broken into two phases. Phase one, we were required to establish and manage an API-653 Tank Inspection Program. This program set forth the requirements as described in API-653 to inspect the assigned tanks within the facility, and produced a report of the discoveries. These reports identified all the required and recommend repairs needed to restore the storage tanks back to operational services and establish their next inspection intervals. Phase two, EXCEL/SUN developed the repair execution strategy and performed the construction work needed to recondition these tanks. It proved critical for the owner to submit the proper documentation illustrating what was completed on each tank to their customer. EXCEL/SUN enhanced this role in the development of Turnover Books that proved to become a valuable asset to the owner. The format of these books became the standard in which all contractors followed. This consistent format enabled the review process by the owners and their customer to be more efficient, which enabled the facility reach their operational goal of 13 million barrels of storage capacity.

Tank Repairs

Each tank presented a different set of challenges related to their required and recommended repairs. Due to the facility being closed and decommissioned three years prior, the dormant storage tanks were exposed to the Caribbean environment. Due to this environment and the year these tanks were constructed that aided in the amount of corrosion, which in turn caused the damage to the storage tanks.

The types of repairs performed on the tanks consisted the following:

  • Floor Repairs and Replacements (Patches, Sketch Plates, and Full Floor Sheets)
  • Roof Repairs and Replacement (External Floating Roof, Internal Floating Roofs, and Cone Roofs)
  • Pontoon Repairs and Replacements
  • Support Legs Repair and Replacements
  • Shell Repairs
  • Nozzle Repairs and Replacements
  • Wind Girder Repairs and Replacements
  • Fire Foam System Repair and Replacements

Tank Sizes

EXCEL/SUN repaired and turned over 21 storage tanks totaling over 8.7 million barrels of storage capacity back to operations.


  • 284’ Dia. Storage Tank – 10 each totaling 6 million barrels of storage capacity
  • 193’ Dia. Storage Tank – 8 each totaling 2.4 million barrels of storage capacity
  • 150’ Dia. Storage Tank – 2 each totaling 300 thousand barrels of storage capacity
  • 91’ Dia. Storage Tank – 1 each totaling 55 thousand barrels of storage capacity