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Marathon Garyville Major Expansion Project

Marathon Petroleum completed construction of a $3.7 billion mega project major expansion at its Garyville, Louisiana refinery.  The refinery’s capacity was increased by nearly 180,000 BPD to 465,000. In all, eight new grassroots production units were added including:

  •                   Crude/Vacuum unit – 180,000 bpd
  •                   Coker Unit – 44,000 bpd
  •                   Hydrocracker Unit – 70,000 bpd
  •                   CCR Platformer Unit – 65,000 bpd
  •                   Kerosene Hydrotreater – 47,000 bpd
  •                   Naphtha Hydrotreater – 40,000 bpd
  •                   Sulphur Units – 450 Long Tons Per Day (2 @ 225 each)
  •                   Saturated Gas Unit – 9,550 bpd
  •                   Waste Water Treatment Unit

EXCEL was pre-selected by Marathon as one of the two major Electrical and Instrumentation contractors on the project. EXCEL performed complete E&I installation of five units including the: Hydrogen Cracking Unit, Kerosene Hydrotreater, Continuous Catalyst Regenerator, Sulfur Recovery Unit, and an EPC Waste Water Treatment facility.

EXCEL’s scope of work included installation of the following quantities:

  •                   70,000 ft of Cable Tray
  •                   900,000 ft of Conduit
  •                   3,050,000 ft of Cable
  •                   200,000 Terminations
  •                   9,000 Field Devices
  •                   9,500 I/O Checks

EXCEL employed a project management staff of 65 managing over 800 E&I crafts.  Over 1.5M man hours were executed with a 100 percent schedule attainment. Most importantly the entire project was executed with zero OSHA recordables.  EXCEL was the only major contractor to attain a zero recordable record on the entire project.

  • ABC Pelican Excellence in Construction Merit Award