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Exxon/XTO Cowboy Project | Carlsbad, New Mexico

EXCEL completed the construction of a $378 million grassroots cryogenic gas plant in New Mexico. EXCEL mobilized when engineering was only 15% complete, which posed a significant impediment to efficient construction. Furthermore, incomplete plans directly impacted scheduling and manpower throughout the duration of the project. EXCEL’s painstaking planning and flexibility was a key factor that facilitated the resolution of these obstacles prior to and during the build. EXCEL became the owner’s “right hand” and took the lead on scheduling through an innovative communication strategy. Our team remained proactive using the latest technology to facilitate rapid interaction among all project participants to expedite engineering, constructability, and procuring materials, which typically is the responsibility of other parties. EXCEL spearheaded frequent meetings to maintain consistent progress among all team members.

Project challenges consisted of overcoming numerous logistical obstacles, including an extremely isolated location and the novel hindrances posed by COVID-19. The scope included 3 million man-hours installing 13,728 CY Concrete, 3,204 TNS Structural Steel, 295 EA Equipment Setting/Alignment, 229,984 LF Mechanical Pipe (44 miles), and 1,060,000 LF Wire Cable (211 miles).

EXCEL went the extra mile to ensure that every facet of this jobsite was examined to ensure worker safety. Performing work in an extremely remote area posed exceptional safety hazards, but our team was diligent in addressing issues both proactively and on-site. The Coronavirus, wildlife, and language barriers also posed incredibly novel threats, but with an award-winning safety program, EXCEL was repeatedly praised by the owner.

With a sincere dedication to safety, diligent coordination, and comprehensive execution, we were able to overcome these incredible trials to successfully meet facility completion. EXCEL is committed to excellence in all that we do, and we were proud to have been a part of this enormous success in New Mexico.