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Nalco R-1050 Reactor Replacement Expansion

EXCEL worked as the general contractor for this EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contract to replace the 25-year-old R-1050 reactor with a larger, more efficient one. This project included demolition of existing structural steel, electrical, and mechanical components. In addition, EXCEL was required to remove sections of the building where the vessel was housed to make several structural modifications and improvements. The plant was in production during the project and located in a condensed work area, so extra proactive safety measures were implemented to ensure a safe environment for all parties. This complicated orchestration of removal and replacement involved six critical lifts within the extremely congested work site. To compound matters, the urgency to resume production warranted a very aggressive schedule requiring EXCEL to work 24 hours a day. The tenuous nature of the project made replacement of the R-1050 reactor complex and precarious, requiring perfect coordination between Nalco and EXCEL. Despite the challenges, the project was successfully completed on schedule with no OSHA recordable incidents.