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Polyacrylamide Facility Line 1 & 2 Expansion

SNF Flopam, a French company, began its grassroots polyacrylamide production facility. EXCEL was awarded the contract to build steel structures, install numerous pieces of equipment, and manage the CMU (concrete masonry unit) building erection for Lines 1 & 2. Before mobilization, SNF Flopam asked that the schedule be cut by 50%, and by the end of the project, the scope increased by over 33%. At the completion of the contract, EXCEL had built and/or installed all exterior structural steel for process pipe racks, 3 tank farms, as well as the interior steel structure for 3 buildings, all of which totaled 45,000 pieces at 1,300 tons. The scope of transporting and installing equipment grew to over 224 pieces, some as large as 92 feet tall and weighing 47,000 pounds. Over 90,000 man-hours were executed while still meeting the shortened schedule with zero OSHA recordables.